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Deviance magazine is looking for even more artists and writers for our summer issue. Please send examples of your work to for consideration.

Our Cyber Monday sale is going on now! All Memberships are 50% off, Cosplay deviants TCG booster packs 25% off, 2012 calendars, dice lanyards & shirts all back in stock!
Sales last till midnight, or until item is sold out.
The Cosplay Deviants trading card game is now available for pre order here.

Pre-orders will end on 11/11/11 and all orders over $15.00 will include a limited edition promo card available to pre-orders only! Pick up the starter set or build your own deck using booster
As a bonus we will be including super rare autographed cards signed by the Cosplay Deviants models themselves. So don't miss your chance to get first dibs on the sexiest card game you'll ever play!</span>

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*the play mat shown is not the final design.
The 2012 Cosplay Calendar is now available for pre-order here

The sexiest way to count down to Armageddon! The 2012 Cosplay Deviants calendar is loaded with 12 months of exclusive images featuring some of the hottest Cosplay Deviants models who make counting down to the end of the world that much more enjoyable. As always all calendar pre-orders come with free swag, but being the last year of existence we decided to step it up a notch. This year all calendar pre-orders will come with a personalized signature from one of the models featured in the calendar. Plus we'll throw in a Cosplay Deviants lanyard. Pre- orders are only $15.00 and include free shipping in the US! (Orders may also be picked up at GenCon in Indianapolis between August 4th-7th). Don't miss the opportunity to pick up the most Devious countdown to destruction ever.

Pre-orders close on 8/3/2011 pick yours up here
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This journal will be addressed to the few people who think they can post the same negative crap on our images. Let's set some groundwork here:

No one is forcing you - Judging by the fact that you are over the age of 18 (unless you lied to DA when you joined) We'd think you would be mature enough to know that you have the freedom to NOT look at something you don't want to.  Don't like it? then leave. This is OUR gallery.

All of the models here at 18 - CosplayDeviants is in full compliance with USC2257. Don't know what that is? google it

All of our models are Geeks, Cosplayers & Nerds -  CosplayDeviants does pay our models (very well too), but that does not mean that they are any less of a cosplayer. It is a requirement when we hire a model that they show some kind of geek cred, and yes we look into it with each and every model. Don't get so butt hurt that someone who is comfortable with the fact that they have an attractive body has decided to make some good money.

We're not breaking any DA rules - But if you want to continue wasting your time filing reports, go for it kiddo.

There's a difference between negative and constructive - Not everyone is perfect, but if you're unhappy with a photo, and you see room for improvement, let us know. Our psychics have been on an extended vacation (damn unions) so we need your help if you think something could have been done better simply say so. Many of our models read your comments and take the ones that actually sound intelligent to heart.

In the end, for every one negative person that posts on our profile there are 10-20 people who love us. While we know we can't please everyone we take great pride in seeing that our average image has over 9000 views. Haters gonna hate, good for you.

Most importantly, thanks to our growing list of supporters and fans we :heart: all of you!
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We are currently looking to commission one or several photo manipulators for our 2012 calendar project. Guidelines and requirements vary from image to image but mainly consist of background & lighting changes, with some requiring skin recoloring. If you, or someone you know is interested please either post a link to your portfolio here, or email our admin at Admin[at] with the subject line "Photo Manipulator". On top of being paid for your work you will also be given a free copy of the calendar when it is released, as well as credited on the back cover. We look forward to having our friends & fans contribute to this project with Cosplay Deviants.
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Cosplay Deviants has been invited back to Gen Con and is bringing the Hentai Cafe back with us for the second year in a row. However this time we're in a bigger room with even bigger plans! That's right they've put us in Main Events, and we are promising a show like none you've ever seen before. Be sure to pick up your tickets before they sell out (like last year) and we hope to see you there!
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Cosplay Deviants is looking to launch a new line of T-shirts for the 2011 convention tour and what better way to make shirts for our fans than to use shirts designed by our fans. We will pick three designs that will be used on T-shirts that will be sold at our booth and here on the website. The deadline for entries is April 31st 2011 winners will be chosen by Cosplay Deviants staff. Send your best to and be sure to include your name, and email address along with your design. Contestants are encouraged to also submit their design on a mock up t-shirt such as one found on Be sure to read the rules, and of course the prizes! We look forward to seeing everyone's designs.

Each winning designer will receive:
- Their design printed on the new line of Cosplay Deviants t-shirts
- One (1) Shirt with their winning design printed
- $100.00 in cash

- You may use the Cosplay Deviants logo and images of Cosplay Deviants models as well as your own art
- Designs must be 300 dpi and submitted in CMYK color format
- Designs must be pg-13
- Designs must be submitted to no later than April 31st 2011 at 11:59 PM EST
- There is no limit to the number of designs you may submit
- Have fun & stay Devious!

You can create shirt mockups on
You can download the official Cosplay Deviants logo here

Full details here:…
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We want to say Thank You for the tons of views, comments, and favorites. For all of your support and continued participation in our gallery. There are so many of you, and DeviantArt thinks we're spamming if we send each of you a comment. But this one is for you! Thanks for an amazing 2010, we promise that 2011 we will continue to fill your notifications with images of the hottest cosplayers from around the world showing their devious side.

-Cosplay Deviants staff
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Please do not invite us to join your group if you are going to complain about us contributing images that contain nudity. We know you want as many "members" as possible but please do not send us an invite without first looking through our gallery and getting an idea of the content we submit. Deviant art has age restrictions for a reason, and all of our content is marked mature. If your other members lie to Deviantart about their age, that's not our fault.

Cosplay Deviants
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Here at Cosplay Deviants we believe that everyone should enjoy the costumed holiday of the year in the most devious way possible. That's why we would like to extend the following offer to you. Sign up for a NEW Cosplay Deviants Membership ON Halloween Day (October 31st) and pay half price for your first month.  No tricks… but some Deviant treats!

Cosplay Deviants is the premiere adult community for fans who enjoy exploring the adult side of cosplay. Offering an escape from the crowded convention halls and screaming kids Cosplay Deviants undresses the art of playing dress up.
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We have selected our models for the first set of Cosplay Deviants resin statues! Series 1 will feature Nova, Rosie, Nana, Aggie & MJ :heart: We will be contacting our preferred artists today, thank you to everyone who submitted their portfolios.
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Thanks everyone who participated in the profile picture contest! Congrats to the winners who will be awarded a free 90 day membership to
The winners are:
Grim Rock
Matt Williams
Jason Condron
John McConahy
Adam Penner
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We're giving away free 90 day memberships to Cosplay! All you ahve to do is enter by following the instructions here Good luck!!!
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Cosplay Deviants will be launching our first series of collectible resin statues featuring some of your favorite Deviants during our 2011 convention tour. We are looking for a few talented artists to design these statues, and have their work proudly displayed across the country. If you are interested in participating in designing a statue you can leave a link to your portfolio here in the comments, or email Models[at] with a public link to examples of your work. The winning artists will design the statues based on a few of the Cosplay Deviants models, these designs will then be transformed into collectible statues in a limited release. We will be announcing our top 5 choices here as well as on our face book and twitter. Good luck to everyone who applies, we can't wait to see your talent.
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Cosplay Deviants is clearing out our stock to make way for new merchandise for the upcoming convention tour. This is your chance to get ahold of some free swag while supplies last! There are two ways for you to get a free 8x10 print featuring a Cosplay Deviant model:

1. Sign up for a new membership
All new members who sign up before midnight of 5/29/2010 will receive a free Cosplay Deviants print, it's as simple as that!

        2. Current Members - Spread the love
Take a picture of yourself holding a sign letting showing how bad you want your free print. Post the picture on a public website with a link back to then email us a link to the page you posted your picture on along with your user name. The more popular your picture is, the more prints we'll send you.
  • Mood: Eager is offering a stimulus package that is guaranteed to stimulate your package! Are you tired of not getting everything you need from all of the "stimulus packages" going around? From April 16th through April 18th will be offering a free month to all new members. Enjoy two months for the price of one and gain access to more than 5,000 pictures of the hottest cosplayers showing their devious side, member forums, web cam chats, access to live events, and more. There's no better way to spend your tax refund than on the one stimulus package that promises to actually stimulate your package!
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Cosplay Deviants has the following Staff Openings; Seamstress, PHP Developer, Programmer (Obj C). If interested please contact TechSupport[at]
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Want a free signed Cosplay Deviant print? Check out this sweet deal with our buddies over at FAKKU!
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Ever wanted to know something about Cosplay Deviants but was too scared to ask? Now you can! Ask us Anything
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